Officers and Duties

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President: Nik Ponzio
Vice President: Kasie Enman
Secretary: Binney Mitchell
Treasurer: Adam Bulakowski
Membership Coordinator:  Ruth Blauwiekel
Marketing and Communications Coordinator: Meredith White
Webmaster:  Liz Champagne
Team Racing Coordinator:  Dee Barbic
Apparel Coordinator: Jess Cover
Youth program Coordinator: Jessica Bolduc

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Duties of Officers and Directors: 

1) President  
The President represents the GMAA, presides at GMAA meetings, promotes liaison with sponsors and other organizations, plans for succession of board members and future direction of the club, facilitates all things relating to setting the event schedule for the upcoming calendar year and is otherwise responsible for the overall coordination of  the GMAA and its officers and directors. 

2) Vice President 
The Vice President assists the President as directed in fulfilling GMAA administrative responsibilities, coordinates all GMAA race directors including conducting an annual race director organizational meeting, and handles USATF sanctioning and course certification requirements for all GMAA races. The Vice President will preside over meetings when the President is absent. 

3) Secretary 
The Secretary will take and publish the minutes of any officers’ meetings, provide any necessary correspondence for the club, manage the GMAA Student Scholarship, and renew annual memberships with associations such as USATF. The secretary will also assist the Database Manager as needed. 

4) Treasurer 
The Treasurer will be in charge of receipts, disbursements, and forecasting. The Treasurer is responsible for coordinating with race directors to get a copy for each race’s balance sheet.  Financial reports are to be prepared for officers’ meetings and for the annual meeting. At the end of each year a financial report shall be prepared for the club for tax purposes. Budgeting will be decided by the board as a whole. 

5) Membership Coordinator
The membership coordinator will maintain and organize the GMAA membership database. The database is to contain pertinent information on the club’s members including address, phone, age group, and volunteer information. The database manager shall distribute membership cards as members sign up or renew, send reminders to membership up for renewal, facilitate the recruitment of new members, and communicate pertinent membership information with race directors for each GMAA race. Membership reports should be available at officers’ meetings. 

6) Marketing and Communications Coordinator 
The Marketing and Communications Coordinator is responsible for advertising the club events. The coordinator should have the entire GMAA event schedule made available to any pertinent print or digital media. Other duties include, but are not limited to, sending out email “blasts” to membership, creating promotional materials such as posters and magnets, and contributing content to the GMAA website and club social media sites.

7) Webmaster
Manage back-end and design elements of the GMAA website. Assist with web functions including race results, registrations, membership.

8) Team Racing Coordinator

9) Apparel Coordinator

10) Youth Coordinator

11) At Large Members 
At large members are appointed by the board and help in the decision making process of the club. They are encouraged to help out with club activities such as the Annual Meeting, Team Racing, Apparel, Race Kit management and the creation of content for the GMAA website and club social media sites.

Duties of members: 
Members are responsible for payment of dues each calendar year. Non-payment of dues  will result in the loss of member status. In addition to dues, members should assist the GMAA by working on at least one GMAA event or activity each year. The GMAA encourages members to assume leadership roles and help the GMAA achieve its goals and purpose by serving as race directors and officers. Members are encouraged to attend GMAA activities, including the annual meeting. Any dues paid after October 1 count towards the next calendar year. When initially joining the club, the membership will only be for a partial year – from the day of sign up until the end of the calendar year.

There will be an annual meeting of the GMAA members held during January or February each year. Any necessary elections or votes will take place at this time. Other meetings of the officers will be called by the President during the year as required (approximately quarterly) to transact GMAA business. General members can attend officers’ meetings and discuss issues but cannot vote.  Any member that has an issue to discuss should bring it to the President’s attention to be put on the next meeting’s agenda. A meeting to discuss a specific matter may be called by the members by a petition to the President signed by at least 15 members.

All matters pertaining to changes in the Constitution or Bylaws must be voted on by the membership at the annual meeting or through online voting. Voting at the annual meeting will be by a show of hands. Twenty five members will constitute a quorum. Amendments to the Constitution or Bylaws must be approved by two thirds of the members present at the meeting. Officers must be elected by a simple majority of members present. Absentee voting is allowed for previously warned votes. Online voting will be conducted as follows. A message will be sent out to all members. A quorum will be those votes received within 14 days.

See the Constitution for details on amendments.