Officers and duties (click on name to email an officer)

President: Nik Ponzio Principal contact for GMAA.  Sets agendas/meetings.  Sets race schedule.  General oversight.
Vice President: Kasie Enman “Second in command”.  Counsel to President.  Heads position development committee.
Membership: Ruth Blauwiekel Membership roster and potential race volunteers.
Secretary: Binney Mitchell Minutes of meetings, general correspondence, and scholarship forms.  Ieeps past records.
Treasurer: Adam Bulakowski Monthly/annual financial summary.  Pays bills.
Publicity: Meredith White Posts race results.  Publicizes GMAA and races.
Team Racing: Dee Barbic

Helps coordinate team racing.

Website: Liz Champagne Manages website.
Apparel: Matt Solomon Maintain inventory and coordinate with Skirack for storage.
Youth program coordinator: Jessica Bolduc Define and structure GMAA support to youth programs state wide
History: Steve/Cathy Eustis Historical archive, race course certification.

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