GMAA Coaching

Who is the GMAA Coach:

My name is Allen Mead. I have been running for 40+ years. I was a high school and collegiate athlete and continue to run competitively in open and masters competitions. While my PRs are from many years ago, my enjoyment of our sport continues to grow. During the year, we will incorporate speed work, tempo runs, and long runs to help you achieve your goals. Whether those goals are placing in a USATF/GMAA road, track, or cross-country race, beating your PR, or just getting more fit, we can craft something for you.

What the GMAA Coach offers:

A training plan. Everyone will receive a general training plan including recommendations for quality workouts and overall mileage that builds over time. As we approach goal races in the schedule, coaching also includes specific race preparation tips.

Email correspondence. In addition to the training plan, you may also email the coach at with questions and for advice about fitting the plan to your individual running and racing goals. Please allow up to a week for email response.

In person check-ins. From April through October, we host weekly coached group track workouts. Check the Group Runs & Track Workouts page or email for specific times, dates and locations for these workouts as the schedule is subject to change. Any winter training opportunities will also be shared through club emails and Facebook page.

How do I sign up?

Send an email Allen Mead at