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Round Church Women’s Run 2023 Recap

This year’s race was as smooth in its execution as it was tumultuous in its planning. Extra consideration was
required in this year’s planning as we entertained controversy regarding recreational use of Cochran Rd and
the potential need to relocate the course, consideration of adding a non-binary category to this historically
women’s-only race and finally, historic flooding on July 10th that necessitated the rescheduling of the race due
to damage to the road and parking area.

Despite the 7:30AM start time, the temps were up in the mid-70s with a brief period of rain following a night of intense thunderstorms. 51 women toed the line, with 37 finishing the 5k and 14 in the 10k. The youngest runner was Cate Williams, age 8. She finished the 5k with a time of 22:48.1. The oldest runner was Janis Campbell, age 72. She finished the 10k with a time of 56:13.0. The fastest 5k finisher was Jess Marini, with a time of 19:41.6. The fastest 10k finisher was Kae Ravichandran, with a time of 38:13.0.

A huge thank you for all the support in pulling this race together. Notably, the Town of Richmond Selectboard, who were supportive and unanimously approved the race reschedule date, the 25 amazing volunteers who helped facilitate all things race-day, Nik Ponzio for providing photography, and 802Timing for running the professional timing services.

And as always, shout outs to our wonderful sponsors who donated prizes and race nutrition: SkiRack, Untapped, and Hannaford of Williston.

Race Director: Hillary Holmes, assistant Sylvie Frisbie
Sponsors: SkiRack, UnTapped, Hannaford of Williston