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2023 Apple Harvest 10K Roundup

The weather gods smiled on the 2023 GMAA Apple Harvest 10K – we had great temps in the low 60’s, just a
few high clouds, and gorgeous views of Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks. Ninety finishers enjoyed
the scenic, gently rolling course with a fast downhill finish. Max Littman from Gloucester, MA took the 1st
place men’s spot at 34:18, and our own Blake Ressler of Winooski was 1st men’s master runner at 34:58.
Top female runner was Bryan Orban-Sally at 43:49, with Jessica Justice of South Burlington taking the
master’s crown at 48:31. Full results are on RunSignup.

Runners were treated to tasty apple crisp freshly made by Alex McHenry with apple cider and cider
doughnuts. Age group winners received apple pies as prizes.

The race director, Ruth Blauwiekel, wishes to thank all of the runners who competed in this race. Many
thanks as well to the awesome volunteers who made the Apple Harvest 10K possible: Jim and Jennifer
Adkisson (Jennifer was also an age group winner!), Steve Andrews (also an age group winner), Josh
Basset, Liz Buchanan, Liz Champagne, Russ Cooke, Harry Curth, Patrick Henry, David & Olivia Justice,
Martha Keenan, Lee Krohn, Seth Kutikoff, Gordon MacFarland, Jess Marini, Alex McHenry and Curt

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Round Church Women’s Run 2023 Recap

This year’s race was as smooth in its execution as it was tumultuous in its planning. Extra consideration was
required in this year’s planning as we entertained controversy regarding recreational use of Cochran Rd and
the potential need to relocate the course, consideration of adding a non-binary category to this historically
women’s-only race and finally, historic flooding on July 10th that necessitated the rescheduling of the race due
to damage to the road and parking area.

Despite the 7:30AM start time, the temps were up in the mid-70s with a brief period of rain following a night of intense thunderstorms. 51 women toed the line, with 37 finishing the 5k and 14 in the 10k. The youngest runner was Cate Williams, age 8. She finished the 5k with a time of 22:48.1. The oldest runner was Janis Campbell, age 72. She finished the 10k with a time of 56:13.0. The fastest 5k finisher was Jess Marini, with a time of 19:41.6. The fastest 10k finisher was Kae Ravichandran, with a time of 38:13.0.

A huge thank you for all the support in pulling this race together. Notably, the Town of Richmond Selectboard, who were supportive and unanimously approved the race reschedule date, the 25 amazing volunteers who helped facilitate all things race-day, Nik Ponzio for providing photography, and 802Timing for running the professional timing services.

And as always, shout outs to our wonderful sponsors who donated prizes and race nutrition: SkiRack, Untapped, and Hannaford of Williston.

Race Director: Hillary Holmes, assistant Sylvie Frisbie
Sponsors: SkiRack, UnTapped, Hannaford of Williston

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Clarence DeMar 5k 2023

Clarence Demar 5k 2023

We had the perfect July summer day to run the 41st annual Clarence DeMar 5k in South Hero, VT. There were 249 overall finishers!!

The historical society provided a great informational poster with the history of Clarence DeMar from an interview with Ray Allen, Sr who, unfortunately, was unable to make it to the race start this year. He was greatly missed!

Congratulations to Brady Martisus for his repeat overall win with a time of 16:14; first place female finisher Isabel Seay with a time of 18:39; and first place non-binary finisher Matthew Powers with a time of 18:43. Some quick times were run by all!

Many GMAA members volunteered to help make this race a huge success, including: Russ Cooke, Liz Champagne, Rose Bergeron, Gordan MacFarland, Chuck Spear, Ruth Blauwiekel, Martha & Bob Keenan, Paul Huyffer, Howard Kalfus, Harry Curth , Jim Shea, Tim Richmond, and Lisa Gunn.

Several local businesses generously donated prizes for our overall winners and to our raffle table. Island Ice Cream donated ice cream/sorbet for a cool treat following the race as well.

We are looking forward to another great day on July 4th, 2024!!

Kimberly & Shawn Lord
GMAA Race Directors
Clarence DeMar 5k

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Solstice Trail Race Recap 2023

This past Sunday marked the 12th and final running of the Solstice/Equinox Trail Race in Charlotte, VT. The club is eternally grateful to the Keenans for hosting and directing such a fantastic event all these years. Here are a few words from the race directors:

Race day was overcast and cool, with a slight breeze. Having received 2 inches of rain this week, the course was pretty soggy with standing water. We had a 116 finishers for our final race with GMAA.

Thank you to my volunteers, they were awesome! Cari Causey, Janis Campbell, Hibby Regan, Harry Curth, Bob Sayers, Russ Cooke, Liz Champagne, Kasie Enman, Eric Darling, Anne McGrath, Bob & Sue Rusten, Diane Fuchs, Bill Pence, Ruth Blauwiekel. They helped it all run smoothly.

Happy Fathers Day to all!

Martha & Joe Keenan


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2023 Pump It Up 5 Miler!

Race Directors: Cari Causey and Liz Hollenbach 

The Jericho, VT dirt road out and back course was near perfect for the early Saturday start. Skies were clear blue and it was about 58°at the start of the race. The temperature rose slightly during the race.. There were 94 finishers.

Men’s winner Nick Orlando ran a time of 28:28.1, repeat women’s winner Isabel Tuck ran a time of 35:17.6 and Matthew Powers, winner of the non-binary category ran 29.17.9. The three winners each received a SkiRack Gift Card and a fruit pie from Poorhouse Pies. 

Thanks to an all star crew of volunteers for helping make race day run smoothly. Volunteers included:  Jim Adkisson, Karen Bove,  Karen and Brian Clark, Chris Cote, Liz Champagne, Russ Cooke, Harry Curth, Nancy and Peter Davis, Hideko Furukawa, Chris Hebert,  Martha Kennan, Tara Loyer (former race director), Gordon MacFarland, Peter Mitchell, Jen Nachbur, Katie Roy and Pat Speilman. 

Thanks to the Jericho Elementary School for providing a home base for the race. Palmer Lane Maple was a gracious neighbor in letting us take over their parking lot and road outside the store for the race start and finish line. We also woke up the neighborhood on Old Pump Road and several families came onto their lawns to cheer on the runners.

Our raffle prize sponsors included: Jericho Center Store, Jericho Ale and Bean- home of Lucy and Howe Brewing and Brew House Coffee, Birch Hill English Muffins (with Liz’s jam), Davis Farm, Palmer Lane Maple and Untapped.

Cheers and we’ll see you next year!

2023 Race Results

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42nd Kaynor’s Sap Run 2023 Recap

Westford, VT – On Saturday 1 April 2023 the Green Mountain Athletic Association (GMAA) hosted the 42nd running of the Kaynor’s Sap Run 10k. Vermonters know to expect the unexpected when it comes to mud season weather and race day was no exception. It was pouring rain with temperatures in the 30s when the course was marked. The rain stopped before the race started and the sun was out at the finish line with temperatures climbing to the mid-60s by early afternoon. No foolin’!

The racers made their way out-and-back on dirt roads dodging potholes, mud puddles, and some snowy patches. The Sap Run racers are a hearty bunch and were rewarded with local cider donuts and cider as their post-race replenishment. Prizes for the top 2 finishers in both the male and female categories were awarded. This year GMAA has added a non-binary category but no runners self-identified in this category for this year’s Sap Run. There were also random raffle prizes of maple syrup and a basket of soap from Twincraft Skincare.

Female top finishers:

1) Kasie Enman

2) Kim Lord

Male top finishers:

1) John Stanton-Geddes

2) Jurdan Mossburg

Full results can be found on RunSignup

GMAA is an all-volunteer running club and it would not be possible to put on races without the amazing support of our race day volunteers. This group is incredible and the race directors are incredibly grateful for their time, energy and smiles! Many thanks to: the Parking Crew (Nik Ponzio, Peter Mitchell, Ricky Wood, and Hillary Holmes), the Registration Crew (Bob Sayers and Ruth Blauwiekel), the Course Marshal Crew (Dee Christie, June Golato, Ted McKnight, Michael Snyder, and Hillary Holmes ), and the Finish Line Crew (Silas Talbot, Martha Keenan, Bob Monette, Justin Kunz, and Gordon MacFarland). Diane would like to send a special shout-out to Tom Kelly who is retiring from Kaynor’s Sap Run race directing after 10 years. THANK YOU, TOM!

GMAA appreciates our devoted sponsors: SkiRack ( and UnTapped Natural Athletic Fuel (

Thank you!

Happy running!

Diane Fuchs and Tom Kelly

Kaynor’s Sap Run race directors

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Turkey Trot Recap 2022

On the bright, sunny day of November 24th , 2022, the annual GMAA Turkey Trot was
slated to begin at 10 am sharp. The air was thick with anticipation as the volunteers eagerly set
up registration tables, GMAA apparel, food bins for Feeding Chittenden, and the timing and
sound equipment for the annual event. Upon glancing at the RunSignUp list the night before, 300
participants were noted to have preregistered but on a day like the race day, who could resist
signing up? Around 9:00 am, the doors to Gutterson arena opened and in flooded hordes of
trotters quickly making their way to the registration tables. However, with Ruth Blauweikel and
Paul Wagner at the registration tables, there was little to worry about. As quickly as the racers
arrived, food bins immediately started filling up with piles and piles of donated food for Feeding
Chittenden, the local food shelf. It’s possible that Tim Richmond moves quicker when food is
involved than he does otherwise as he motored through stacking, organizing, shifting, and
moving cans, boxes, and bags of food items at record speed.

As time passed, more and more runners/trotters arrived. Many for the kid’s race, which
was put on without setbacks by seasoned Turkey Trot veteran, Anne Treadwell, and many
individual runners who arrived to set PRs, run farther and faster than ever before, and/or to work
for their dinner, which they so anxiously awaited. While the participants were gathering in
Gutterson, an unexpected visit occurred from the local news channels ABC 22 & Fox 44 News
and NCB5. Many of the volunteers were asked if they cared to seize their claim to fame and talk
to the reporters but alas, all of them including previous race director Howard Kalfus, deflected to
this year’s race director to embarrass herself on local news. She is still waiting for the public to
ask for her autograph when she is around town.

At approximately 9:40 am, the runners/trotters were directed to make their way to the
starting line by another seasoned veteran, Gordan MacFarland who graciously took to the
microphone for the 15, 10, 5, and 2-minute countdown to the race start. At the starting line, race
participants stretched back as far as the side doors to the arena, making a large ‘C’ shape down
the bike path. It was later confirmed that 763 registered racers participated in the Turkey Trot
that day, which is about 200 more runners than last year. At the start of the race, we recounted
how grateful we were to have everyone out there, runners, trotters, spectators, and volunteers
alike to participate in the Turkey Trot this year, especially with UVM’s Gutterson arena, bike
path, and amenities at our disposal. At 10 am, the racers were off.

To no surprise, fast times were run with Ethan Mastear taking the victory with a time of
16:12 with Trevor Houches right on his heels with a time of 16:13. Following the two leaders
closely was Porter Hurteau with a time of 16:26. Not too far behind was the winner of the non-
binary category, Matt Powers with a time of 17:21. Less than a minute later, Josephine Brekke
came flying up the path with a time of 18:15, which was the winning female time. The second-
place woman, Katie Barker, held her own on the course with a time of 19:46 followed closely
behind by the 3rd place female Loghan Hughes with a time of 20:06. To close 2nd place for the
non-binary category, Ginnie Laurita fought for the prize with a time of 36:00. Thanks to the
Brooks representative who happened to be at SkiRack during the time that raffle donations were
acquired, the winners of the top 3 categories received a free pair of Brooks shoes.

Following the conclusion of the race, the world’s greatest raffle was held with t-shirts,
pint glasses, running socks, fleece blankets, gift certificates, and more were lying in wait to be
won back in Gutterson arena. We had received donations from Citizen Cider, the YMCA, Queen
City Brewery, Mill River Brewing, Take Good Care Fitness, SkiRack, VT Juice Co., Sangha Studio, and Dunkin’ Donuts just to name a few. In no short time, the greatest raffle in all of the
world became the longest raffle in all of the world as many of the participants had left, with 763
raffle tickets to be called but those who stayed went home happy (one hopes).

At the end of the event, when all of the participants had taken their leave in lieu of turkey
dinners and family time, the monetary donations were counted up and the food was prepared to
be shipped off to be weighed. With the careful eyes and mathematical prowess of Howard Kalfus
and the use of a calculator, a total of $6,332 were raised between pre-registration and race-day
registrants and 416 lbs of food were obtained for Feeding Chittenden. We hope that next year is
equally as successful as this year.

-Jess Marini, Race Director

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2021 Turkey Trot Recap

What an amazing turnout!  Despite fairly chilly temperatures, we had 700 runners this year including a great field of really enthusiastic kids.  The enthusiasm demonstrated by all was surpassed only by the generosity of the group.  We raised $6,800 for Feeding Chittenden and collected 507 pounds of food!

Most would agree that the conditions were nearly perfect for late November in Vermont.  Temperatures were in the 30’s and there was no precipitation.  The ground was, for the most part, firm.  That led to some great finish times.  The first three women were Becca Ades (19:10) of Brooklyn, NY, Andrea Allen (19:55) of Burlington, and Sarah McShane (20:12) of Burlington.  The first three men, with a very close finish, were Trevor Houchens (16:38) of South Burlington, Patrick McAllister (16:42) of Burlington and Dan Peters (17:06) of Burlington.

A very special thank you to our wonderful volunteers: Emily Bloom, Rick Brigham, Harry Curth, Sandra Dickin, Anna Kalfus, Josh Kalfus, Lee Krohn, Josie Kummer, Jan Leja, Allie Nerenberg (and family), Erin Randall, Mark Reif, Wayne Reisberg, Bob Sayers and Kirsten Wiley.

A particularly special shout-out to Anne Treadwell who again organized the kids’ race.

Your Race Directors,
Tom Nuovo and Howard Kalfus

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2021 Clarence DeMar 5k Race Recap

Thanks to all who celebrated Independence Day with the first restriction-free GMAA race since the start of the pandemic! The 39th Annual (held virtually in 2020) Clarence DeMar 5k was held on an uncharacteristically cool morning, a perfect day to share the roads of South Hero with our long lost running friends. 

Very special guest, “Papa” Ray Allen, former UVM (‘59) cross country and track standout and the reason behind the inaugural running of this race back in 1983, served as the official starter of this year’s race. After some reminiscing on Clarence Demar, the race’s namesake, former resident of South Hero, UVM alumni (‘11), who later went on to infamously win 7 Boston Marathons, the nearly 300 racers were off in a blur of red, white, and blue. The out and back course passes DeMar’s former home as well as “Papa” Ray’s Allenholm Farm, twice.

Adron Pitmon, former MMU high school standout, won the men’s field with a time of 15:59.3 and Jennifer Sober, making the trip all the way from Jupiter, Florida, doubled as open and masters champion in 18:08.3. A fierce battle ensued for top 50-59 competitors with Francis Burdett edging out age group rivals Josh Brown and Dale Flanders for 9th, 10th, and 11th overall. All three, notably, ahead of this author’s husband and 40-49 age group winner, Eli Enman. Many thanks to race sponsors, generous raffle donators, volunteers, and racers.

Race Results:

Race Photos (credit Rob Swanson & Chris Kline):