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Archie Post 5 Miler Recap

It was a near perfect late summer morning, when 53 runners lined up for the 51st Archie Post 5 Miler. After acknowledging the Archie Post as Vermont’s oldest continuous footrace, named for the talented athlete and coach from UVM, the new race directors Ruth and Liz sent the runners off on the fun, but challenging course.  The field included Russ Cooke and Bob Sayers – retired AP race directors – for the first time in 10 years!

Charlie Schaefer crossed the finish line first in 26:58, followed closely by Neal Graves in 27:26.  Allie Nerenberg was the first woman to finish posting a time of 35:35. Congratulations also to our youngest finisher Taylor Carlson, and our oldest finisher Peter Mitchell. Delicious fruit pies from Adams Farm Market were awarded to our overall and age group winners. Overall winners also earned a $25 gift card from SkiRack.  Every runner and volunteer left with a coveted pair of Archie Post socks and jar of Bove’s tasty pizza sauce. 

Overall everything went very smoothly, in large part due to our team of awesome volunteers – we really cannot thank you enough.  Shout out to our faithful sponsors: SkiRack and Boves and to Hannafords and The Bagel Place (Williston Road) for generous fruit and bagel donations.  The AP post-race snack table wouldn’t be complete without Ben & Jerry’s – special thanks to Russ Cooke (and Cathie) for sharing their stash.  

Happy Labor Day to all – we hope to see you again next year!

Full Race Results Posting
Race Photos by Nik Ponzio

Karen Allen , Bill Allen , Karen Bove, Lyman Clark, Russ Cooke, Harry Curth, Sam Davis, Joy Dubin Grossman, Ira Gardener-Morse, Sue Hackney, John Hackney, Hillary Holmes, Paul Huyffer, Martha Keenan, Kristi Kilpatrick, Forrest LeMoine, Ray Mainer, Karen Oppenheimer, Jim Rudolph, Bob Sayers, Randy Sightler, Chuck Spear, Paul Wagner