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Hills Are Alive X-Country 5K recap

The weather for the Hills Are Alive XC 5K on Sunday, Oct. 20, 2019 was amazing! Thirty degrees to start at set up and about 45 at start of race. Minimal wind, and with cider donuts and hot cider, it was easy to be outside!

We had a successful turnout under friendly skies. Even though we were unable to get on the NE USATF XC Grand Prix Calendar, the race still pulled in about 80 runners! The course proved true to its name, and the Hills Were Alive with the sound of trail runners breathing hard as they went up and down.

Silas Talbot was the overall race winner with a blazing time of 19:23, and Kasie Enman was first for women with an equally-impressive 20:31.

Complete Race Results can be found here.

Race Directors: Laura Ryan and Tim Richmond

Round of applause for our Volunteers: Carol Ann Jones, Debra Fraser, Anne Treadwell, Alex McHenry, Russ Cooke, Harry Curth, Maki Jones, Lorraine Ryan, Greg Larsen, Martha Nowlan, Jan Leja, Brenda Macy, Brett Macy, Mark Duchaine

Generous Donations from: Ski Rack – (2) $25 Gift Cards; Edelweiss – $25 Gift Certificate; Darkside – Hat; HOKA/Jack – Hats (6) Mugs (2) Rubber Cup (1); Eric Harper- Honey and Maple Syrup; McCarty’s – $20.19 Gift Cert; Exit 18 Equip Bike Locks (2); Laughing Moon Chocolates – 4 pack truffles; Ben Durant – 15 Cases of Wine!!; Stowe Bowl – $60 Gift Cert; Movement Mortgage – Cups and Backpack with cool stuff in it; BTV420 – CBD Runner Salve; Dianna Benoit, Clarity Real Estate – Maple Syrup; Carolyn Weaver – KW Vermont, Realtor/Coach – Red Barn Gardens – Pumpkin Bread and 2 Pumpkins; Body Lounge – Arnica Salve (2) CBD Runner Salve (1); Mike and Carol Boivin – Blueberry Jam and Runner Bib Belt Holder; Sports and Fitness Edge – 1 Month Membership; Tim and Laura – cookies and apple sauce, 6 pumpkins, bacon deviled eggs!

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Green Mountain Marathon & Half Marathon recap

The 49th Annual Green Mountain Marathon and Half Marathon brought out over 200 half marathoners and over 100 marathoners. While milling around the school, past race directors Ray Allen (’78-’85) and Howie Atherton (’86-’02) met and caught up a little bit. After a flurry of activity at the school, runners lined up on South Street just north of Allenholm Farm to start the race.  The weather was perfect – a perfect October morning for racing with brilliant blue skies and bright sun with the temperatures in the 50s and a light breeze.

For the men’s marathon, Casey Carroll, from Dover, NH, crushed his 18th marathon attempt by finishing in 2:47:39.  For the women, Lindsay Martin, from Arlington, Mass, won with a 3:22:17.  Amy Fredericks completed the feat of running a marathon in every state when she finished this race wearing bib 50!

The half marathon was a sweep by the Enmans! Eli Enman and Paul Wagner led the men’s race with Eli running a stronger couple miles at the end to finish in 1:19:18.  Kasie Enman flew through the course breaking her own course record and posting the win for the women’s race in 1:22:03.  Of special recognition, Paul Huyffer celebrated his 81st birthday by running the half marathon with his daughter KJ, son Eric, and nephew Cliff. 

Complete Marathon results are here.
Complete Half Marathon results are here.
Race photos coming soon.

Runners enjoyed donuts from Hackett Orchards; apples and cider from Allenholm; bagels from Myer’s; and chili made at the Center of Technology at Essex High School.  

Race Directors: Jessica Bolduc and Bob Monette

Thank you to all the many volunteers: Damian Bolduc, Adrian Wadsworth, Camille Bolduc, Jeremiah Wadsworth, Sarah Pribram, Meredith White, Karen Bohmann, Carlie Krolick, Tanya Smith, June Golato, Laura Neville, Harry Curth, Jennifer Dickinson, Paul Huyffer, Anne Treadwell, Ruth Blauwiekel, Kevin Bessett, Dave Huffman, Scott Nichols, Nik Ponzio, Richard Priest, Scott Springer, Kristian Omland, Carole Coggio, Adam Bulakowski, Tom Green, Liz Champagne, Jeannie Quintin, Barb Capen, Dave Capen, Matt Mitchell, Marjorie Hollocher (and daughter), Jan Leja, Maricela Acosta, Audrey Acosta, Leah Acosta, Jackie Bombardier, Mike Early, Rose Bergeron, Laura Ryan, Zachary Acosta, Russ Cooke, Derek Rodriguez, Peter Mitchell, Forrest Lemoine, Jim Morris, Mike Bessette, Liz Hollenbach, Tim Richmond, Kirsten Wiley, Cari Causey, CVU XC Team, Caelan Keenan, Dave Delibac, Monte Pappas, Simon Powhida, Jennifer Nachbur, SB XC Girls – 10, Judth Craig, Werner Zehetner, Geoffrey Miller, Jason Storms and family, Michael Mashtare and family.

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Art Tudhope 10K Results

Cold conditions overnight turned into a beautiful Fall racing day! Ninety-eight runners toed the line for a fast, scenic course from Shelburne Beach to Charlotte Beach and back. The race was won on the men’s side by Charlie Schaefer running a very impressive 33:17 for the overall win. The winner for the women was Kate Leugers with an equally impressive time of 39:35.

Fast times appeared throughout the field given the fantastic conditions, and the race went smoothly due to the many volunteers manning the course and finish line. A festive post race celebration capped off the day with age group awards presented for both GMAA and the Vermont Senior Games, finishing with a post race raffle well supplied by our generous local sponsors.

Full results can be found here.
Race photos can be found here. (Credit to Nik Ponzio)

We were also featured in Stuck in Vermont!! You can watch the video here

A huge thanks to our sponsors and donors: The Ski Rack, Hannaford, Bove’s of Vermont, Burlington Beer Company, Shelburne Orchards, and Bog Road Honey.

Big thank as always to our many volunteers: Ramsey Hazbun, Jim Adkisson, Harry Curth, Russ Cooke, George Moltz, Tom Howard, James Lehneman, Diana Wood, Andy Klem, Norm Larson, Paul Wagner, John Izzo, Charlie Nokes, Julie Mullowney, Nik Ponzio, Alex McHenry, Gordon McFarland, Georgi De Rham

Race Director: Ian McCallum-Cook

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From Lake Champlain to the Atlantic Ocean

Eight GMAA runners spent the past weekend in Gloucester, MA competing in the Lone Gull 10k. This race served as the USATF-NE 10k Championship, and the second to last race in the USATF-NE Road Grand Prix Series.

Liz Champagne overcame much adversity to get to the finish line – first cracked cheek bones sustained in a race earlier this month threatened to prevent her from racing; not to mention an impending flight to Germany departing just four days post-race for the Berlin Marathon; forgotten socks necessitating her to race in a mid-calf floral patterned pair borrowed from her 84 year old mother (at least they were Darn Tough!); and finally confusion over her entry being listed as Liz Champlain instead of Champagne (the wine not the lake!). Liz persevered valiantly to finish in a level 8 min/mile pace, good for 8th place in the 60-69 age group – and keeping her in the running for the Ironrunner competition. Good luck in Berlin, Liz!

Ian McCallum-Cooke, with far less adversity to overcome, ran the fastest time of the the day amongst his GMAA peers in a ***NEW PR*** of 32:51. Ian has earned himself a spot farther toward the front of the start line for next year. Ian would like to give all the credit for his success to his fantastic BTV training partners and teammates.

Two club members with Septembers birthdays, Nick Persampieri and Kasie Enman, drew the short and long sticks of the age group lottery, respectively. Kasie turned 40 just before the race, so was the youngest Masters age grouper in the field and took full advantage of her comparative youth by winning the Masters title in what is rumored to be a masters record for the course. Nick (pictured above with the nipple bandaids), on the other hand, would be turning 60 the day after the race, so had to battle it out as the very oldest runner in the 50-59 group – as a 59 year 364 day old. Even so, he did manage to finish in the top third of his field besting many young whippersnappers.

Speaking of whippersnappers, Gordon McFarland and Allan Bates represented the GMAA with pride coming in 2nd and 3rd for 70+ age group. This was a rare defeat for Gordon who was playing it conservatively with a nagging achilles.

Other GMAA runners in the mix were Andy Klem and Alex McHenry. Thanks to Alex for driving half the crew down in his Nissan Versa!

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Pine Street Mile Recap

GMAA runners posted fast results at the Pine Street Mile on Sunday, Sept 8 at 9:30 AM. The event was hosted by RunVermont and was the sixth race in the 2019 GMAA Performance Series.

Kasie Enman (5:14), Jess Marini (5:22), and Zoraya Hightower (5:28) finished third, fourth, and fifth for women in the Challenge Mile.

Out of 15 male finishers with times under 5 minutes, 6 were GMAA runners, led by John Stanton-Geddes (4:34) in third place and Ian McCallum-Cook (4:38) in fourth.

Click here for the complete results for all Pine Street Mile events.

For updated Performance Series standings, click here or go to the Team Racing page.

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Archie Post 5 Miler Recap

It was a near perfect late summer morning, when 53 runners lined up for the 51st Archie Post 5 Miler. After acknowledging the Archie Post as Vermont’s oldest continuous footrace, named for the talented athlete and coach from UVM, the new race directors Ruth and Liz sent the runners off on the fun, but challenging course.  The field included Russ Cooke and Bob Sayers – retired AP race directors – for the first time in 10 years!

Charlie Schaefer crossed the finish line first in 26:58, followed closely by Neal Graves in 27:26.  Allie Nerenberg was the first woman to finish posting a time of 35:35. Congratulations also to our youngest finisher Taylor Carlson, and our oldest finisher Peter Mitchell. Delicious fruit pies from Adams Farm Market were awarded to our overall and age group winners. Overall winners also earned a $25 gift card from SkiRack.  Every runner and volunteer left with a coveted pair of Archie Post socks and jar of Bove’s tasty pizza sauce. 

Overall everything went very smoothly, in large part due to our team of awesome volunteers – we really cannot thank you enough.  Shout out to our faithful sponsors: SkiRack and Boves and to Hannafords and The Bagel Place (Williston Road) for generous fruit and bagel donations.  The AP post-race snack table wouldn’t be complete without Ben & Jerry’s – special thanks to Russ Cooke (and Cathie) for sharing their stash.  

Happy Labor Day to all – we hope to see you again next year!

Full Race Results Posting
Race Photos by Nik Ponzio

Karen Allen , Bill Allen , Karen Bove, Lyman Clark, Russ Cooke, Harry Curth, Sam Davis, Joy Dubin Grossman, Ira Gardener-Morse, Sue Hackney, John Hackney, Hillary Holmes, Paul Huyffer, Martha Keenan, Kristi Kilpatrick, Forrest LeMoine, Ray Mainer, Karen Oppenheimer, Jim Rudolph, Bob Sayers, Randy Sightler, Chuck Spear, Paul Wagner

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NH 10 Miler Recap

A dedicated group attended the USATF-NH 10 mile championship around Lake Massabesic in Auburn, NH over the weekend. Thanks goes to everyone’s alarm clocks for going off reliably so we could pile into the team vans for an on time departure at the 4:00am hour. At least the early start meant we were all back home by early afternoon to enjoy the rest of the day basking in a nice sense of accomplishment!

With lots of our team members stepping across age groups to score for the club in multiple categories, we managed to leave our mark with:

  • 1st place in the men’s 70+ Team – with a 1st, 2nd, 4th by Gordon MacFarland, Allan Bates, and Chuck Arnold.
  • This same trio doubled up to place 4th in the 60+ team category.
  • Our Men’s 50+ team also placed 4th (Binney Mitchell, Allen Mead, Matt Gallagher, Mike Early, and… Gordon again!)
  • 5th place Master’s Women (Anne Treadwell, Liz Champagne, Tracy Benedict)
  • 6th place Master’s Men (Binney, Allen, Tim Richmond, Matt, Mike)
  • 7th 50+ Women (Anne, Liz, Rose)
  • 9th Open Women (Kasie Enman, Anne, Liz, Tracy, Rose)
  • 10th Open Men, led by Silas Talbot with the fastest GMAA time of the day – 55:56 (plus Charlie Schaefer, Binney, Allen, Tim)

Links: Results & GMAA Team Series Standings after 5 races

Comprehensive Race Recap from USATF:

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Scholarship Trail Race recap

Fifty-one runners toed the line at Red Rocks Park for another fantastic edition of the race. The course was damp from early morning rain, but that did not stop the racers from running through the beautiful trails. At the finish line, we celebrated the winners and ate snacks. Special thanks to South Burlington Parks and Rec for allowing us to use the park and volunteering to help with parking. Also big thanks to SkiRack and The Mill for providing awards.

Scholarship Trail Race results.

Photos of the race

You can find results for any GMAA race on the Results page.

Race Director: Matt Solomon

Volunteers: Patrick Murphy, Zackery Weimer, Katie Aman, Nita Solomon, David Solomon, Talia Solomon, Olivia Perek-Clark, Kate Donnelly, Kiki White, Johnathan Sands

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Richmond Round Church Recap

The 40th annual Round Church Women’s Run went off without a hitch. Opening words included some history of the beginning of the race shared by Dianne Schullenberger.

There were 159 finishers; 116 completed the 5K, and 43 completed the 10K. Two local runners took the fastest finishes: Huntington’s Kasie Enman placed first in the 5K with a speedy time of 18:17 and Jericho’s Danielle Simons-Cheney finished the 10K with a swift 41:50. The First Strides beginner women’s running/walking program again had strong representation among the finishers.

Overall Results

5K – Women | Age Groups | Age Graded
10K – Women | Age Groups | Age Graded

There were over 25 volunteers who handled everything from parking and registration to course monitoring and recovery food and more. Many thanks to each of them; we could not hold our races without our volunteers.

Timing was conducted by 802 Timing’s Tom and Lauren. Due to the great heat/humidity for the 10K runners especially, we will strongly consider starting next year’s race at 8:00 am.

Donations by: Mann & Machine: start area space; Round Church: parking area; Hannaford: food; Bove’s: sauce; Richmond Hardware; Paige Tomlinson; Cheri Audet; Diana Benot; RunVermont: glasses

Race Directors: Hillary Holmes and Laura Ryan

Volunteers: Carlie Krolick, Carol Boivin, Chance Crocker, Chris Cote, Danielle Blais-Hall, Diane Fuchs, Francis Churchill, Gordon McFarland, Harry Curth, Henry Busetti, Jan Leja, Jeffrey Jodoin, Liz Buchanan, Lorraine Ryan, Luna Hall, Mare Tilton, Mark Duchaine, Michael Boivin, Michael Lechman, Mike Bessette, Newton Baker, Norma Jodoin, Phil LaCroix, Ray Grant, Russ Cooke, Steve Merrill, Wayne Reisberg

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Stowe 8 Miler Recap

This past weekend’s Stowe 8 Mile race marked the halfway point of our GMAA Team Racing Performance Series – see updated standings. Although it was one of the cooler mornings of the month so far, things still heated up on the race course making the post-race ice cream and beer much appreciated. Results here.

Award winning club members on the day:

  • Charlie Schaefer, 2nd overall
  • Kasie Enman, 1st overall female
  • Evan Thornton-Sherman, 1st teen male
  • Zoraya Hightower, 1st twenties female
  • Binney Mitchell, Allen Mead, Alex McHenry 1-2-3 fifties male sweep!
  • Gordan MacFarland, 1st seventies male